esball官方网的选拔过程是全面的, 我们寻找学生性格的证据, 好奇心, 学术成就, 和 interests within the context of their environment 和 life experiences when making our decisions.



完整的 我们的询价表. 只要你填好这张问询表, domestic applicants will receive our viewbook; international applicants view it 在线.

If you have a particular interest in athletics or the arts, please fill out an 体育兴趣表 和/或一个 艺术兴趣形式. Your information will be sent to the relevant 米德尔塞克斯 coach(es) or teacher(s).

For more information about the admission process, please visit 常见问题页面.



虽然面试不是必须的, we would be pleased to host you on campus for a tour 和 interview. 虚拟面试也可以. 请点击 在这里 to learn more about the admissions visit 和 schedule your appointment.

International students for whom English is not their primary language are required to take the 托福考试 or 雅思考试, 和 those who wish to be interviewed must schedule an interview through 版本icant.  This policy does not apply to students who have attended an international school w在这里 English is the primary language of instruction for two or more years or a junior boarding school in the United States.


米德尔塞克斯 will require students to submit st和ardized test scores in the 2023-24 admission process 和 accepts 当前的 year results from the following tests: S坐, ISEE, P坐, 坐, 和行动.  We also require international students for whom English is a second language, 和 who have not been attending a school w在这里 English is the primary language of instruction for two years or more, 提交托福考试, 雅思或多邻国成绩.


Test scores must be sent to 米德尔塞克斯 directly from the testing service.

The Secondary School Admission Test (S坐) or Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) is required for applicants to grades 9 和 10. Applicants for grade 11 may submit 当前的 year S坐, P坐 or 坐 scores.  米德尔塞克斯 “super scores” the S坐, considering the highest section scores across all test results.

  • 米德尔塞克斯接受 S坐ISEE
  • The 米德尔塞克斯 S坐 code is 5068; for more information about the S坐, contact S.S.A.T.B. at 609-683-4440,
  • The 米德尔塞克斯 ISEE code is 220-650; for more information about ISEE, contact 800-446-0320,

米德尔塞克斯 接受了 雅思考试 指示器托福考试 应付托福考试, 和 托福考试 国际旅游业伙伴关系 + 版本性意义, Duolingo. 

密德塞克斯托福考试代码是 8720.  米德尔塞克斯 only accepts scores submitted electronically by the test center.  Please contact the test center directly for your official scores to be submitted.  在一般情况下, successful applicants to 米德尔塞克斯 have a high proficiency in English, which is typically demonstrated by a 托福考试 score of 110 or higher, 7分.5 or higher on the 雅思考试, 和 a score of 125 or higher on Duolingo.



所有申请人都可以在网上申请 esball官方网预科学校入学申请 (网关)或 网上标准申请 (巴西).  We do not have a preference between the two applications, but we require that applicants submit materials through only 一个 应用平台.

The applications require a C和idate Profile or Student Biographical Form, 学生作文问题, 父母声明, 建议 from 当前的 English 和 Math teachers (if possible), 校长/辅导员推荐信, 还有一份成绩单, including 当前的 grades 和 grades from the previous two years.

If you are not 当前的ly taking Math 和/or English, you may 替代 其他老师的推荐信 当前的 academic classes (excluding art 和 physical education) 和 补充 your application with letters of recommendation from 一个 of last year’s teachers of Mathematics 和/or English.

通过网关,您可以提交一个 可选 Special Interest Recommendation or a Personal Recommendation.  If you are applying through the 圣 和 wish to submit a Personal Recommendation, please have the recommendation writer submit a letter directly to (电子邮件保护). Transcripts 和 other materials not submitted through 网关 or 圣 may be emailed in the format of a PDF to (电子邮件保护).

We do not accept original artwork, scrapbooks, DVDs, or CDs. 而不是, please provide additional (voluntary) 贝博esball官方网站 or 艺术 multimedia 补充s through the Multimedia section of the C和idate Profile or the 多媒体链接 学生传记表格在圣中的应用.  您可以分享音乐/艺术链接使用 此网上表格.  您可以使用共享所有其他链接 此网上表格.  Do not delay submitting your application because you are waiting for a website or file to be prepared. In the Multimedia section, note that a link or file will be provided later.

The non-refundable application fee is $80 for all of our applicants, payable by check or credit card using the 网关 application.

The application deadline for all applicants is January 15, 2024.  While we prefer to receive your portion of the application by January 15, 我们认识到分数, 建议, 接下来可能会有测试, 和 we promise to issue March 10 decisions to all students who have completed their applications by February 1. If you have questions regarding the timing of your application, 请致电esball官方网办公室978-371-6524.

The Financial Aid application deadline is also January 15.  我们鼓励所有家庭申请经济援助, if they believe they will need any level of financial support during their child’s tenure at 米德尔塞克斯.  If a family does not apply for aid or qualify for aid upon admission, it is unlikely that the family will receive an aid award in subsequent years, unless t在这里 is a significant change in that family’s financial circumstances. 访问我们的 提供米德尔塞克斯 浏览更多信息.



你可以通过 网关 or  网站.

It may take up to a week for your application materials to be processed, so please be patient. 谢谢你!!



Applicants will receive email notification of their admissions decision on March 10.

Accepted students must sign 和 return enrollment contracts, 指定付款方式, 截止到4月10日,以保留他们在米德尔塞克斯的名额.